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What to Do if You Get Cavity Pain

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Dr. Michael Wockenfus
What to Do if You Get Cavity PainAt any given time, nearly 30% of Americans are experiencing tooth pain. Sometimes, that tooth pain can be from clenching or grinding your teeth at night. You might have a mouth ulcer or a canker sore.

However, the most common kind of tooth pain comes from tooth decay- or a cavity. If you think you have a cavity, what should you do? We have some answers for you.

What Is A Cavity?

There are bacteria in your mouth all of the time. In fact, your body has a lot of bacteria in it. Some bacteria are vital to your life. For example, scientists are discovering that bacteria in your intestines are responsible for a lot of the digestive process. If you have a lot of good bacteria in your gut, you are healthier.

There are also bacteria in your body that work to make you sick or destroy a part of your body. Tooth decay is an example of when bacteria cause damage. If you aren't brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, bacteria can eat a hole in your tooth enamel. Over time, that bacteria can eat into your tooth, causing a lot of pain. If you don't treat it, the infection caused by bacteria can get worse. You could even lose the tooth.

Fixing a Cavity

If you are having pain in one of your teeth, why not give us a call? We can make you an appointment to get that painful tooth looked at. If it is a cavity, we can get it filled, which should alleviate your pain. Depending on how bad the cavity is, we may need to give you medication for your tooth. The important thing to remember is that the sooner you get your painful tooth looked at, the sooner we can help.

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