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Osseous Surgery
Menasha, WI

Periodontal disease, more commonly called gum disease, is a serious oral health condition. When it first starts, however, it usually does not seem like it, and can often go unnoticed in the earliest stages. As the condition progresses, your gums begin to swell and pull away from your teeth, leading to the formation of periodontal pockets. Bacteria are then able to travel below your gums where they can continue their destruction uninterrupted. They can even begin attacking your periodontal ligaments and your jawbone, leading to the formation of bony defects, which can then trap bacteria and make treatment more difficult. At Mid Valley Dental, we can treat this stage of periodontal disease with osseous surgery.

Periodontal Treatment with Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a very common treatment for periodontal disease. With this treatment, we deep clean all surfaces of your teeth both above and below the gumline. Scaling is the cleaning of the visible surfaces of your teeth, with special attention given to the areas along, and just below, the gumline. We use an ultrasonic scaler to eliminate all buildup from your teeth, including the most stubborn tartar. Root planing is the smoothing of your root surfaces, removing all plaque, bacteria, and other toxins. By eliminating all buildup, your gums can heal properly.

What if the Periodontal Pockets are Too Deep?

The more periodontal disease progresses, the deeper the periodontal pockets become. If the pockets are too deep, it may not be possible to completely clean your teeth with scaling and root planing. It may be difficult to reach to the bottom of the pockets, which can leave bacteria lingering below the gumline. Even though you have received treatment, periodontal disease can still progress. At the same time, bacteria deep in your gums can also attack your jawbone, leading to bone loss and the formation of bony defects. The jawbone becomes rough, and hiding places are created in which bacteria can hide.

What is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed to eliminate bony defects and to help your gums heal properly. It is often performed in conjunction with pocket reduction surgery. With this procedure, incisions are made in your gums to provide access to the roots and surrounding bone. We use specialized tools to smooth the bony defects while also completely cleaning your teeth. If you have lost a significant amount of bone mass, a bone graft may also be necessary. When the procedure is complete, your gums are sutured closed, and your gums begin to heal.

Osseous Surgery Benefits

Osseous surgery provides many benefits:
•  By smoothing bony defects, your gums can begin to reattach to the bone as well as your teeth.
•  Pocket depths are reduced.
•  At-home oral hygiene is much easier.
•  Your periodontal health is greatly improved.
•  We can help you prevent tooth loss.
•  Your smile, and your confidence, improve.

Osseous surgery can help to smooth bony defects in your jaw that form as a result of periodontal disease, eliminating hiding places for bacteria and allowing your mouth to heal. For more information, and to find out if osseous surgery is right for you, call Mid Valley Dental at (920) 215-4160 today.

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