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CEREC Same Day Crowns
Menasha, WI

A Rendering of a CEREC same day crown at Mid Valley Dental in Menasha, WIYour teeth are incredibly strong, and see a significant amount of use every single day. While they are the strongest substance in your body, though, they can still be faced with issues such as decay and physical trauma that can lead to serious damage. Crowns are a common restoration used for treating damaged teeth, restoring their strength while providing them with protection from further harm and infections. Typically, crowns require two appointments, with about two weeks in between. At Mid Valley Dental, we can provide you with crowns in a single appointment thanks to CEREC technology.

What Exactly is a Crown?

A crown is a treatment that is designed to restore a damaged or decayed tooth, preventing the need for tooth extraction. It resembles a cap in appearance and is designed to mimic the size and shape of the tooth it is covering. The crown encases the entire visible surface of the tooth, protecting it from further damage as well as preventing bacterial invasion and infection. A crown also helps to restore strength to the tooth so that it can function normally. Crowns can be made from many different materials, including metal, porcelain fused to metal, and ceramic. Ceramic is the most popular option, providing the most aesthetic results.

The Typical Crown Procedure

Typically, it takes two appointments to place a crown. The first appointment is designated for preparing the damaged tooth and taking impressions. Preparing the tooth requires the removal of a portion of your tooth enamel to reduce the tooth in size. This ensures that your crown will fit properly. The impression taken after the preparation of your tooth is sent to a lab, where the crown is designed and created. At the second appointment, the crown is checked for fit and bite. Any necessary adjustments are made, and the crown is bonded into place on the tooth.

Same Day Crowns with CEREC

We can help to avoid the need for a second appointment, eliminating the need for a waiting period and a temporary crown, thanks to the introduction of CEREC technology. CEREC, which stands for chairside economical restorations of esthetic ceramic, can provide you with your all ceramic crown in just one appointment. The process begins the same, with the preparation of your tooth. We remove a portion of your tooth enamel to reduce the tooth in size. We then take a digital impression of your mouth. The image is displayed on a computer monitor.

Specialized software enables us to custom design and creates your crown. Once the crown has been designed, the information is sent to our in-house milling unit. We place a block of ceramic into the machine. The crown is then carved out of the block. When it is finished, we can stain it and finish to perfectly match your natural teeth. We then check it for fit and bite and make any necessary adjustments. Once everything looks good, the crown is bonded into place.

CEREC same day crowns allow us to provide you with crowns in just one visit, eliminating the need for temporary crowns, a waiting period, and additional appointments. If you have suffered tooth damage, call Mid Valley Dental at (920) 215-4160 today and find out if same day crowns are right for you.

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At Mid Valley Dental, we can provide you with CEREC same day crowns in a single appointment thanks to CEREC technology. Book your next appointment today!
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