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Crown Lengthening
Menasha, WI

A close up of a smiling woman's mouth after getting crown lengthening at Mid Valley Dental.Your smile says a lot about you. Having a great smile has the power to leave an incredible impression. When most people think of the perfect smile, they often focus on the quality of their teeth. While your teeth are important, even those with perfect teeth may not have their ideal smile. The condition of your gums also plays an important role. Excess gum tissue can make even the most perfect teeth appear small. Additionally, excess gum tissue can also impact your oral health. Mid Valley Dental can help with crown lengthening.

What is Crown Lengthening?

Even a small amount of excess gum tissue can significantly impact the quality of your smile. A crown lengthening is a procedure that is performed to eliminate this excess tissue, improving the quality of your smile and boosting your confidence. It may also be necessary to remove a small portion of bone to achieve optimal results.

Treatment with Crown Lengthening

Traditionally, a crown lengthening has been performed using a scalpel. This tool is effective but also has a few drawbacks. The scalpel causes significant bleeding during your procedure. It also causes tissue trauma, which can lead to pain and swelling during recovery.

Today, we perform your crown lengthening using a dental laser. The laser uses a hair-thin beam of light to remove the necessary tissue and improve your smile. The laser cauterizes tissue as it cuts, which aids in reducing the amount of bleeding you experience. It is also incredibly accurate. We can pinpoint only the necessary tissue while reducing tissue trauma. This results in less pain and swelling as well as a shorter recovery.

Crown lengthening is performed under a local anesthetic. We begin by making incisions in your gums to loosen the tissue from your teeth. The laser is then used to target and remove excess tissue. We also treat the teeth surrounding the affected area to help provide the most natural results. The wavelength of the laser can be adjusted to remove necessary bone. Once complete, your gums are sutured back against your teeth. The results of your treatment are noticeable immediately.

Functional Purposes of a Crown Lengthening

While often used as a cosmetic treatment, a crown lengthening also has a few functional purposes as well. These include:
•  Treating cavities at the gum line. Cavities at the gum line can be difficult. The decay may extend below the gum line. We may not be able to completely remove it or fill the cavity. Removing excess tissue allows for these issues to be eliminated, making proper filling placement possible.
•  Placing a dental crown where there is excess tissue. A dental crown is designed to encase a damaged tooth, providing it with protection and strength. If there is tissue in the way, the crown may not completely cover the tooth, which can lead to more complications. Removing the excess tissue allows the crown to fit completely over the tooth, providing optimal protection.
•  Improving your periodontal health. Excess gum tissue can trap bacteria, increasing your risk for periodontal disease. By removing the excess tissue, your gums are made easier to maintain, and bacteria have nowhere to hide. This aids in improving your periodontal health.

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With a crown lengthening, we can both improve the quality of your smile while also improving your oral health. Call Mid Valley Dental at (920) 215-4160 today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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