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Implants vs. Dentures and Bridges
Menasha, WI

woman smiling with dental implants from Mid Valley Dental in Menasha, WIDespite your finest efforts to keep your dental health in good shape, there may come a time when you will need tooth replacement. Tooth loss can have a huge impact on your life. Not only does it affect the appearance of your smile, it also has a severe impact on your overall oral health.

Fortunately, there are many tooth replacement treatments out there, including implants, dentures, and bridges. Since all of these procedures work effectively in their own way, it can be difficult to choose one. Therefore, we’re going to evaluate each tooth replacement option to see what the best choice is.

How Does An Implant Work?

An implant is a metal post that is surgically placed into the jawbone to mimic a natural tooth root, providing a stable base for an artificial tooth.

Pros of an Implant

•  Implants typically last for 10 to 15 years, but in some cases, they may even last a lifetime
•  Implants prevent bone loss by providing stimulation to your jaw
•  They keep the structure of your face intact by providing good support
•  They prevent other teeth from falling out or suffering

Cons of an Implant

•  A dental implant is inserted in your jawbone through a surgical procedure
•  The dental implant procedure can be quite time-consuming as it takes at least three to six months for the jawbone to grow around the implant

How Does A Bridge Work?

There are many different kinds of bridges. A traditional bridge entails two crowns with an artificial tooth in between that is fixed in place of a missing tooth. The crown of a bridge can either be made out of a single material or a combination of multiple materials. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth are shaped for the easy placement of crowns.

Pros of a Bridge

•  Bridges are cemented in your mouth so they don’t need to be removed for cleaning
•  The installation process is typically wrapped up within two visits
•  A bridge is small and lightweight, making it easier to adjust to

Cons of a Bridge

•  It can be difficult to brush and floss under the artificial tooth
•  A bridge lasts for about 10 years because of wear and tear of the surrounding teeth
•  Since a bridge needs support from the neighboring teeth to support the artificial tooth, it can impact the surrounding teeth


A denture is a customized, removable prosthetic tooth that fits your natural teeth. Dentures are connected and secured through small metal attachments, allowing one to eat and speak.

Pros of Dentures

•  Dentures are more cost-effective than other tooth replacement options
•  Dentures give your body time to heal if you have had your teeth removed recently
•  Dentures don’t require any surgery

Cons of Dentures

•  Dentures don’t look as natural as implants
•  They need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly
•  Dentures are prone to slipping, making it difficult to eat and speak
•  You have to avoid certain foods when wearing dentures
•  Dentures require frequent replacement

If you’re looking for a durable and permanent solution to all of your tooth loss problems, then dental implants are the way to go.
Schedule a consultation with us at Mid Valley Dental to see which tooth replacement procedure you should get. Call us at (920) 215-4160 to book an appointment.

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If you’re looking for a durable and permanent solution to all of your tooth loss problems, then implants, dentures, or bridges from Mid Valley Dental are the way to go.
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